Once you have bought an ARIONHUB subscription, it is time to set up an account for your store and your employees. This guide will help you how to set up an account and what the difference is between an admin dashboard account and an ARIONHUB app account.

Admin Dashboard

First, you will receive an email from ARION with your account and the password that you can use to log into the ARIONHUB admin dashboard. The first time you are logging in to the admin dashboard, you will need to change the password.

After setting your password, you will be able to already invite an employee to your account. Fill in the first and last name of the employee, his/her email address and if they are a manager or not. After that, you will be able to log in with your own admin dashboard account. Make sure to not share the login information of the admin dashboard account as this environment has the subscription in place, and the possibility to edit store information and payment structures.

Accounts for the ARIONHUB app

In the admin dashboard, you are able to create up to 5 employee accounts for the ARIONHUB app. Every account that is created, will receive an email to complete the registration. By clicking on the link in the email, the employee needs to set up a password. After completing the registration, the employee can easily log in to the ARIONHUB app.

Editing the information

If you want to customize the digital flyer and/or branding of the ARIONHUB app, you can easily do this in the admin dashboard. If you click on the top right on the settings icon, you can edit your store information and branding information. The store information is already filled in. The branding information will be the header of the flyer. Learn here what the digital flyer is.

Created an account? Time for unboxing!

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