The ARIONHUB system comes in a box that contains everything you need to create an unforgettable in-store experience for your customers.


When you open up the ARIONHUB system, the box will look like the following. Every size compartment can be opened up where you can find the corresponding sizes. The size S compartment also contains the chargers and user manual.

The components

These are the components that are included in the box:

Twelve pressure-sensitive insoles

These ultra-thin insoles measure the direct interaction between your feet and the ground. They slip neatly underneath the running shoe insoles of the shoes in-store so the customer won't see them, feel them, nor do they affect the gait analysis.

For every size (S - M - L - XL) there will be three pairs of insoles present in the ARIONHUB system.


ARION pods are rugged, waterproof and process the running data at lightning speed. Furthermore, there are additional inertial sensors built-in like a gyroscope and an accelerometer to paint an even more complete picture of your running technique.

ARION charger

The custom ARION charger can charge two pods at a time. This charger can be plugged into a power source using a USB-C cable.

User manual

Learn how to set up your ARIONHUB system and how to properly tend to your insoles and electronics.

All unpacked? Let's start by charging the pods.

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