A key feature of ARIONHUB is the ability to create digital connections with your customers, even after they have left the store. The digital flyer is an important part of your customer's experience.

Digital flyer

When a session has been completed the digital flyer is automatically sent to your customer’s email address. Your customers can see an interactive summary of their in-store ARIONHUB experience which they can relive at home and share with their fellow runners. The digital flyer contains all the important insights such as:

  • Contact information to your store

  • Information about the shoes they tried on

  • Take-aways on key metrics

  • Biomechanical loads, pressure and metrics over time

  • Average metrics & performance

The flyer is digitally available so your customers can easily share it with their fellow runners. Further promoting your store to a highly targeted audience.

How to delete a digital flyer

It could be that the store, or the customer, wants to delete the digital flyer. Learn how to easily delete the digital flyer by following the next steps.

Scroll all the way down in the digital flyer. On the bottom right it says: Not relevant anymore? Request removal.

The customer can easily enter their email address that is linked to the digital flyer and click on 'Remove This Page'.

The customer will receive a confirmation email where they need to confirm the deletion. Once the email is confirmed, the digital flyer is deleted.

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