When the customer has finished the running analysis, it is time to review the running analysis. This article will help you and your employees understand how to read the running analysis.

After a running analysis, go to the devices screen, which you can find at the bottom right of the screen.

The session history screen will look like the image down below. All of the recorded sessions will be available here. You can click on any session to view the details. The camera and feet icons represent the type of session that has been recorded. When the session has a camera and feet icon, it has been a video & performance session. When there is only a camera, it has been a video only session and when there are only feet, it has been a performance only session. You can easily search in the search bar by customer name or email address to find all sessions that have been recorded for the specific customer.

Details of the session

First, you will see the pressure map of the customer. The pressure map will indicate where the pressure on the feet has been during the analysis. The more red, the more pressure. After the pressure map, you can easily read the bioload of your customer which indicates where the customer is most likely to feel the most pressure on their body.

Scrolling down a little bit more will give the customer's performance analysis, with four key takeaways that could help with finding the right running shoes. This is followed by an insole recommendation, all running metrics and the option to add a note to the session.

By clicking on details, you can see all of the metrics per second of the running analysis. If you click on the metric, you will find a pop-up screen with all of the metrics recorded that can be selected.

The next step is to record multiple sessions to compare them side by side.

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