During a running analysis, the customer will probably try out multiple running shoes. All of these different sessions have been recorded, and now you want to compare the sessions side by side. This guide will help you how to compare the sessions.

First, select any recorded session that you would like to compare in the session history screen. If you open the session, on the top right you will see the comparison icon. When clicking on this icon, a new screen will open where you can select another session that has already been recorded. You can use the search bar if you want to search for a specific session. Select the session you want to compare and click on the button 'compare'.

After selecting the two sessions that you want to compare, the screen will look like the following. You can view the pressure map, bioload, and metrics side by side. If you scroll down a bit more, you will find takeaways, where ARIONHUB will help you give advice on which pair of shoes suits the customer best based on their gait analysis.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find a complete overview of the metrics per running shoe. ARIONHUB will already select the pair of running shoes where the running technique is better optimized to reduce the risk of injuries.

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