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How to use the video analysis feature
How to use the video analysis feature

Learn how to use the the video analysis feature during a running analysis.

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If you have selected the type of running analysis that includes video analysis, you can scroll down to the video section to find the video analysis feature.

Watch the video to see the possibilities of the video analysis feature, or follow the steps down below.

Options to add in the video analysis feature

  • Straight-line: Drawing a straight line. For example, the position of the knee with respect to the foot while landing.

  • Free drawing: A free drawing can help to visualize the curves of the body.

  • Text: Adding text, to indicate a certain body part like for example the left leg.

  • Calculating an angle: For example, indicating the bending of the knee by drawing a line from the joints next to the knee. Hip to the knee, and knee to ankle.

On the bottom left you can find the redo and undo button for an account. On the middle right, you can find the colour of the line and the thickness of the line. Both can be adjusted. Make sure to hit save on the bottom right if you want to save your drawings. If you would like to delete all the drawings, you can easily click on the top right trash icon.

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