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How to use the Executive Dashboard
How to use the Executive Dashboard

Learn how to use the Executive Dashboard and how it can benefit your store.

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This article will explain what the Executive Dashboard is and what information you can find in the dashboard.

The Executive Dashboard can be found within the ARIONHUB admin dashboard. If you want to learn more about what the ARIONHUB admin dashboard is, please read this article.

At the top of the screen, you will find a new tab called ‘Dashboard’. If you click on the Dashboard, you will be able to get more insights into your customers and their buying process.

Note: The more information a customer fills in at the beginning of the ARIONHUB analysis, the more information will be shown in the Dashboard.


The first tab will provide you with an overview of your insights into your store. Here you can find the visits, the most sold shoes (if scanned via EAN), the conversion rates, and your most active users.

At the top right of the screen, you can filter on a time frame if you are interested in a more specific time frame.


The second tab will dive deeper into the visits and the actual sessions. Here you can find the amount of visits you had per day, week, month etc. You can find the visit conversions such as the average shoe pair sold, and the amount of visits where your digital flyer was shared.

At the bottom of the page, you can find the sessions, where you can see how many sessions you had for a specific time frame.

Note: A visit is seen as one customer in the ARIONHUB system. A session is seen as a shoe try-on for the customer. You can have multiple sessions in 1 visit.


On the Accounts tab, you can find more information about your employee accounts. You can have multiple accounts in ARIONHUB for your employees to work with. If the employees switch between their accounts, you will also be able to see their amount of visits and sessions they did but also the amount of shoes they sold and the conversion rate.

If you only have one account, as, in the example down below, you will only see the information as one employee.


In the shoes tab, you can find more information about how many shoes were tested and how many were actually sold in that specific time frame. You can also view how many shoes got scanned, which brand and what shoe model were tested the most. Besides the most tested, you can also view the most sold shoes.

Note: To be able to see most tested/sold shoe models, you need to scan the barcodes during the onboarding of the shoes. If you are using a logo from the brand matrix, the shoe model won’t pop up in the dashboard.


The last tab includes the demographics of your customers. At the top of the page, you can find the gender and age demographics of your customers. Below you can find the injury profiles of your customers, categorized into being injured or not being injured and highlighting which lower body part is injured the most.

When you scroll a little bit more down you can find the average visitor of your store and more running characteristics such as what type of footstrike your customers have most, which cadence level they have and if they are recreational, experienced or elite level runners.

Note: To be able to see the demographics of your customers, your customers have to provide information during the onboarding for an ARIONHUB analysis.

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