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How to use the metrics explanation feature
How to use the metrics explanation feature

Learn how to use the metrics explanation feature during an analysis

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The ARIONHUB app has a feature called ‘metrics explanation’. This feature helps you understand the metrics that ARIONHUB measures.

When the customer has done a session and you want to explain the data to the customer, you can now use the metrics explanation feature to help you understand what each metric and the data mean. In the comparison screen, you can scroll down where you will find the complete list of metrics hidden underneath the button ‘’show more’’.

If you want to learn more about a metric or see what the data of the metric means, just click on the metric, and a bigger screen will pop up. In the screen you can find the following information about a metric:

  • Description of the metric. At the top of the metric explanation, you can find the icon, the data for the specific customer and the description of what the metric means.

  • Metric range. In the middle of the screen, you can find the specific metric range and where the customer is located within the range.

  • Insights. When clicking on the arrow next to insights, you can find more information about the specific metric.



This feature is available for every metric and can easily be hidden by clicking on the ‘x’ mark at the top right of the screen.

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