How to use lead activations

Learn how to set up the lead activations feature in the ARIONHUB admin dashboard.

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The online admin dashboard has a feature called lead activations. With the lead activations feature, you will be able to activate your customers even after they have left the store. By sending customised emails to every customer that used your ARIONHUB system, you are able to activate them even after they have left the store. Watch our ARION ACADEMY videos on how to use the lead activation including example emails.

Types of lead activations

There are three different types of lead activations:

  • Scheduled: sent X months after a customer has visited your store. For example, the customer has bought their new pair of shoes 6 months ago and it might be time for them to go back to the store and get a checkup on if their running shoes are still good.

  • Instant: sent only 1 time to all customers that have recorded a session. For example, you've just got your new summer collection in and want to promote this with your customers.

  • Recurring: sent multiple times during a specific time frame. For example, a monthly check-in during winter times where you highlight the usage of light in the dark, and warm enough clothing to make sure your customers are ready to face the winter.

How to set up and schedule a Lead Activation in the admin dashboard

Go to the online admin dashboard, click on the homepage of your store and navigate to the lead activations section in the menu. On the top right, you can find the create new template button where you can start editing your new lead activations.

Give your lead activation a name on the top left to easily find the lead activation later. Make sure to fill in every column on the right in the content section. The changes that you make will automatically be visible on the left of the screen in the example email. You have the option to show or hide the cover image, show the link of the digital flyer of the customer and also show the promotional section of the digital flyer at the bottom of the email.

Once you're happy with the content of your lead activation, go over to the settings tab to schedule the email. Here you can choose which type of lead activation you want to use, schedule a time and date and once you have clicked save, the lead activation is saved and activated.

Note: if you create an instant or recurring lead activation, you will be able to choose between sending the email to all customers or a selected group of customers that you can create based on tags, age and the date range where the customers have been to the store.

After clicking save, you will be redirected to the lead activations menu where you can view your current lead activation emails, switch them on or off and view the date and time when this email is scheduled. You can click on the menu at the top to change between the three different types. Once you click on a lead activation that you have created, a drop-down window will appear where you can view the email that you have created. On the top right of this drop-down window, you have the option to delete, duplicate or edit the lead activation.

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