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How to add EAN numbers to your ARIONHUB
How to add EAN numbers to your ARIONHUB

Learn how to add EAN numbers to your ARIONHUB to use the barcode scanner.

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If you want to scan a barcode during the onboarding of a customer, the specific EAN number of that barcode must be in the ARIONHUB system. If you scan a barcode and it is not recognized by the system, you can easily add the EAN numbers yourself to prepare your ARIONHUB system for the next time you want to scan that specific shoe.

Go to the ARIONHUB Admin Dashboard, click on your store and go to the Upload shoes option in the menu on the left.

Here you can upload a CSV file that contains the shoes that you have in store, but are not yet available to scan through the ARIONHUB barcode scanner.

The CSV file must contain the following information in three different columns:

  • Shoe brand name

  • Shoe model name

  • EAN number

Note: Every shoe colour, shoe type and size has different EAN numbers. If you want all shoes available when scanning the barcode, make sure to upload every size and model that you have in-store.

After uploading the CSV file, and clicking Add [number] shoes, the EAN numbers will automatically be added to your ARIONHUB system, ready to be scanned through the barcode scanner.

If the system gives an error, it means that some information in the columns is not correctly filled in. The system will highlight which lines in the document are incorrect so you can view in the document if there is any missing or incorrect filled information.

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