This article will help you to determine why your pod is not working or why your pod is not visible in the ARIONCOACH app. Please follow these steps to find out what the problem is and how to solve it.

Things to check first

  • Make sure you have the latest Android/iOS updates installed on your phone

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the ARIONCOACH app installed

  • Restart your phone

This article contains 2 topics related to the ARION pod not working:

  1. ARION pod not charging

  2. ARION pod not connected to the ARIONCOACH app

ARION pod not charging

Step 1) Connect the ARION pod to the charger

Note: If you don’t have any charging issues you can continue with step 7.

Connect the ARION pod to the charging unit like shown in the image below. It is advised to use a wall charger for this instead of for example plugging it into a USB slot in your computer.

If the pod is charging correctly, the LEDs show the following colors:

  • Pulsing an orange color: The pod is currently charging

  • Pulsing in green color: The pod is completely charged

Note: If you have an older ARION pod, if the pod is attached to the charger and is showing a pulsing green color, this means the pod is almost completely charged. A constant green color means the pod is completely charged.

If the pod is not charging, the LEDs are either not lighting up or show a red color.

There can be different reasons why your pod is not charging. Please follow the steps below to find out what the problem is.

Step 2) Check the contact pins of the pod

Make sure the contact pins on the pod (and the contact points on the charger itself) are clean, and that none of the pins are stuck inside the pod (see image). If one of the pins is stuck, please take a picture of this and send it to and we’ll advise you on what to do.

Step 3) Detach the charging cable from the charger

Connect the pod to the charger and wait for the LEDs to light up. Then, with the pod still connected to the charger, detach the cable from the charger. The LEDs should now turn red indicating that the pod is no longer charging. If they turn off immediately instead of turning red, your battery might be broken. If this is the case please send us an email at and we’ll advise you on what to do.

Step 4) Deactivate the ‘Battery protection mode’

We are aware of a few cases where an ARION pod had trouble charging when the battery was completely run dry. The reason for this is that the pod then enters a battery protection mode, which ensures that the battery doesn’t get damaged and that the lifespan of the battery isn’t affected. The ARION pod is designed to get out of this state automatically when it is connected to the ARION charger – but in rare cases that takes longer than expected during which time the LEDs are blinking red.

Of course, preventing the pod from running completely empty is always better, but this is what you can do to get the pod to its normal state again:

Leave the pod on the charger non-stop for a long time (e.g. 24 hours). Most pods automatically recover during this period – it’s very important that the power is not interrupted during this period to prevent the protection mode from starting over. If an ARION pod is still flashing red after this period, detach the affected pod from the ARION charger, wait 2-3 minutes, then reconnect it to the charger. The LEDs on the ARION pod will now flash orange to indicate the pod is charging.

If you can’t get the pod to charge properly with these instructions please send us a message at and we’ll help you from there. We're also working on a more permanent solution for this on our end.

Step 5) Connect the pod to an ARION insole

Take the pod off the charger and connect it to an ARION insole. The LEDs should light up and turn blue, indicating it is ready to be paired to the app. If the LEDs don’t turn on or show a red color, please try the following step.

Step 6) Make sure the ARION pod is charged

Go back to step 1 – 4 and double-check if there weren’t any issues while charging the pod. If you’re sure this is not the case, please contact us by sending an email to

ARION pod not connected to the ARIONCOACH app

Step 7) Connect the pod to an ARION insole

Connect the pod to an ARION insole. Again, the colors of the LEDs should turn blue when connected to the insole, indicating it can be paired. You can see this status in the app on the ‘Devices’ screen, like shown in this image.

Step 8) Check the Bluetooth connection of your phone

Check if the Bluetooth of your phone is enabled and perform the Bluetooth bandwidth analysis. Go to Profile > Settings > Bluetooth and here you will find the Bluetooth bandwidth analysis. Run the diagnostics and if the app advises changing the Bluetooth settings, please change the Bluetooth settings according to the advice. If you want to read a more detailed explanation of the Bluetooth bandwidth analysis, click here to find the related helpcenter article.

Step 9) Check your location settings

Make sure to check if you have allowed your location settings for the ARIONCOACH app. In your phone settings, you can change the location setting per app. There are 3 possibilities: never, while using, and always. If it is not on always, adjust it to always and see if anything changes.

Step 10) Unpair the pods and swipe away the ARIONCOACH app

If the ARIONCOACH app sees the pods but the message says: ''Not connected to insole or charger'', try to unpair your pods by clicking on the pod and clicking ''unpair pod''. After you have unpaired both pods, swipe away the ARIONCOACH app and other apps that are still working in the background. Reopen the ARIONCOACH app and try to connect the pods again. Tap the magnifying glass on the bottom right and your pods should be connected.

Step 11) Disconnect other Bluetooth devices

Try to disconnect all other Bluetooth devices (e.g., HRM, smartwatch, Bluetooth earphones) that are connected to your phone and/or try to connect the pods outside of your house where there is less interference from other Bluetooth devices.

Step 12) Still not working? Contact us!

If you still encounter problems with charging, connecting or pairing your pod(s), please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to We will then get back to you within one (working) day and find a solution for your problem.

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