Use the barcode scanner to easily add shoes to your Shoe Closet. This article will tell you how to scan a barcode, and what to do when the barcode is not being recognized.

In the Shoe Closet on the top right, you can find the barcode scanner sign next to the '+' sign where you can add a shoe. The app will ask to locate the barcode of the shoebox in the frame.

Once the barcode of the box is scanned and the app recognizes the barcode, the EAN code of the shoebox will pop up. After that, the app will immediately show the shoe that matches the EAN code that has just been scanned from the shoebox. Select the color(s) that you want to add and click on 'Add' to add the shoe to the Shoe Closet.

Note: Do you have a different color that is not registered in the app? Learn how to add the color manually to the Shoe Closet.

It could also happen that the barcode has not being recognized by the ARIONHUB app. This could be because it is a new shoe that has not been added to the global catalog, perhaps a limited edition, or because the image was not correct.

If this happens, the barcode scanner will say: 'not found'. The app will give you the option to retake the barcode or to search.

If you want to search, easily type in the name of the brand and/or type. The ARIONHUB app will search in your own Shoe Closet and the global catalog. If the shoe is not yet in your Shoe Closet, it won't appear. Click on the shoe from the global catalog to add it to your Shoe Closet.

If the shoe has not been found in your Shoe Closet nor in the global catalog, you can create a new shoe manually to add it to your Shoe Closet.

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