When experiencing any injuries, easily add them to the injury timeline so that ARIONCOACH will adapt your program based on the injuries that are reported. Here's how to indicate an injury.


Open the app and head over to Profile > Health & Body.

If you have never indicated an injury before, there will be no injuries visible. Easily click on the body part where you are currently experiencing an injury. Click on the '+' on the bottom right to add the injury.

When adding an injury to the injury timeline, there are five levels from which you can choose. The following levels are available: not injured, light, mild, severe, very severe. Use the slider to indicate the severity of your injury. Click on 'Save' to add the injury to the timeline.

The injury is dated, so you will be able to trace back when you had an injury, but also once your injury is resolved, to add that moment to keep track of your progress.

When you go back to the injury timeline, you can now easily view the progress of the injury. Here, you can also edit and delete entries. If you tap on an injury and hold it, you will be able to edit or delete the injury.

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