Before starting the running analysis of a customer, you need to add the running shoes of the customer into the Shoe Closet. Add all the running shoes that you have in stock into the Shoe Closet to make sure that the customer is running in a pair of shoes that can be sold afterwards. There are two ways to add shoes to the Shoe Closet: searching in the global catalog or manually adding a pair of running shoes.

Searching in the global catalog

You can find the Shoe Closet on the bottom left, where you see the shoe icon. If this is the first time opening the Shoe Closet, the Shoe Closet will be empty. If you want to add a pair of shoes, simply click on 'Add shoes' which will lead you to the next step.

If you already have added shoes to the Shoe Closet, the shoes will be visible once you open up the Shoe Closet. If you click on the '+' sign on the top right, you will be able to add a new pair of running shoes.

Select the pair of running shoes that you would like to add to the Shoe Closet. Easily use the search bar on the top to search for the brand and/or model to see if the shoe is available in the global catalog. Another option is to click on the brand logo that matches the specific running shoes. Easily swipe to the right to find all the brands that are currently registered in the Shoe Closet.

After finding the right pair of running shoes, it is time to add them to the Shoe Closet. Click on the specific running shoe, which allows you to select the color of the running shoe. It is possible to only add 1 color, multiple colors or select them all. The images show the corresponding color of the shoe. Simply click on 'Add 6 colors' and all colors will be added to the Shoe Closet.

Once the shoe is added to the Shoe Closet, it will appear in the Shoe Closet like the image below on the left. If you want to remove a color or a running shoe because it is not available in stock anymore, easily tap on the running shoe and select 'Remove this color'.

Is the shoe not available or would you like to add an EAN code to an existing shoe? Click here to learn how you can add shoes to your Shoe Closet manually.

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