Sometimes you don't want to do a coaching session and just go for a quick run without setting any goals. The quick start option in the ARIONCOACH app is specially created for these types of runs. Watch the video to learn how to do this (or follow the steps below):

Quick start

When you open the ARIONCOACH app, on the 'COACH' screen you can find the quick start slider on the bottom middle of the screen. You can easily swipe the slider to the right to start the quick start session.

Once you have swiped to the right, you need to select the running shoes from your Shoe Closet that you are going to run with. Select the shoe that you want and click on 'Ready'.

The final step is to see if the pods are connected with the smart insoles and ARIONCOACH app. Once they are paired, you will be able to click on 'Steady' which will send you to the countdown screen to start your quick start session.

Finished with the quick start session? Time to review the session!

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