Learn what ARIONHUB is and how your store can benefit from it.

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ARIONHUB is a next-generation in-store gait analysis that can help you give running advice to your customers. Provide your customers with a truly unique experience. ARION's automated running technique analysis will provide them with valuable takeaways that they can take home with them.

ARIONHUB consists of pressure insoles that measure the direct interaction between the customer's feet and the ground, alongside advanced pods that include accelerometers and gyroscopes to paint a complete and detailed picture of the customer's running identity.

Watch the video down below, to see what ARIONHUB can do for your store.

What can you do with ARIONHUB?

With ARIONHUB you can:

  • Measure the running identity of the customer

  • Review the running identity of the customer

  • Compare running sessions

  • Create an in-store database from all customers

  • Create an unforgettable in-store experience

Who uses ARIONHUB?

ARIONHUB can add a lot of value for customers of the following branches:

  • Running specialists

  • Sport focused stores

What does it cost and how can I get one for my store?

ARIONHUB can be purchased via our sales department. Send over an email to support@ato-gear.com to come into contact with our sales department, or make a direct appointment with our sales department at www.arion.run/hub.

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