There are many different mobile phones in the world. All of these phones have different Bluetooth chips which can make it harder to connect the ARION pods to a mobile phone. It is hard to detect whether you should lower the strength of your Bluetooth. The run diagnostics can help you detect the mode that is most suitable for your mobile phone.

Open the ARIONCOACH app. On the devices screen, a pop-up will appear that says 'tap to run diagnostics'. If you want to find the feature yourself, you could also go to Profile > Settings > Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth bandwidth will detect which mode is most suitable for your mobile phone. There are three options: high, low and limp mode. High means that you can run with both pods with excellent Bluetooth bandwidth. Low means a slightly lower data rate to match your phone's compatibility, also running with two pods. Lastly, the limp mode, which means that you should run with only one pod because your mobile phone is not compatible with 2 pods.

If you click on run diagnostics, the app will measure the Bluetooth strength of your mobile phone. The run diagnostics will take 30 seconds to measure the Bluetooth strength.

Depending on how suitable the pods are for your mobile phone, the diagnostics will show one, two or three lines to match the right mode. Once the diagnostics are finished, the app will recommend the mode that is most suitable for your mobile phone.

When the limp mode has been recommended, you can easily disable one pod to run with only one pod. If you select the limp mode, the app will automatically disable one pod which you can see on the devices screen.

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