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How to share the digital flyer
How to share the digital flyer

Give your customers the unforgettable in-store experience, even after they have left the store.

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A key feature of ARIONHUB is the ability to create digital connections with your customers, even after they have left the store. The digital flyer is an important part of your customer's experience.

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Digital flyer

When you have recorded a running analysis or multiple running analyses, you can easily share the data with the customer via email. This guide will explain how to share the digital flyer and what it will look like for your customer.

Once the customer has completed all the running analyses, you can share the digital flyer with the customer by clicking on the share button on the top right (iPad) or bottom right (Kiosk) of the screen. The digital flyer consists of personal information from the customer such as:

- Email address

- Which pair of shoes they buy

- Their name



Once the customer has filled in all the additional information, you can click on ‘send’ and the customer will receive the digital flyer in their mailbox immediately.

iPad only: If you want to send the digital flyer again, you can always search for the running analysis in the session tab and share the digital flyer as described above. You can do this for both a kiosk session as well as an iPad session.

Customizing your digital flyer

The digital flyer is customizable so that you can add your store information to the flyer. It is possible to customize the following items:

  • Logo

  • Background of the digital flyer

  • Add promotional sections

The promotional sections will allow your store to inform your customers about new shoe launches, perhaps upcoming events or other promotional information that you would like to create awareness for. You can easily customize your digital flyer in the ARIONHUB Admin Dashboard.

Note: For a more detailed explanation and example digital flyer, please visit ARION ACADEMY.

How to delete a digital flyer

It could be that the customer, wants to delete the digital flyer. Learn how to easily delete the digital flyer by following the next steps.

Scroll all the way down in the digital flyer. On the bottom right it says: Not relevant anymore? Request removal.

The customer can easily enter their email address that is linked to the digital flyer and click on 'Remove This Page'.

The customer will receive a confirmation email where they need to confirm the deletion. Once the email is confirmed, the digital flyer is deleted.

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