The first thing you need to do before you're starting a gait analysis is to connect the ARION pods with the insoles and the ARIONHUB app. This guide will help you to connect the ARION pods.

First, prepare the running shoes of the customer. Place the insoles underneath the existing insoles of the running shoes. Next, make sure that the pods are charged for more than 20% to be able to carry out the gait analysis.

Attach the pods to the insoles, according to the video or image below. When they turn blue you are ready to connect the pods to the ARIONHUB app.

Connecting the pods

Watch the video to learn how to connect the pods (or follow the steps below):

Open the ARIONHUB app and go to the devices screen. Click on 'scan for devices'. Above the words connect pods, it will now say 'scanning' as it is looking for pods that are close.

When the ARIONHUB app has detected the closest left and right pods, you can easily click on the pods in the ARIONHUB app which will then automatically connect with the pods attached to the running shoes.

After the pods have been successfully connected, the ARIONHUB app will show the battery life of both pods and the status of '2 pods connected' will appear at the top of the screen.

Next, learn how to start a gaitline analysis with ARIONHUB.

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