The ARIONHUB app provides you with two options to onboard your customers when starting a run analysis which are the following: 'new customer' and 'quick start'. New customers is a more detailed option whereas the quick start option comes in handier when the store is busy. Down below you will find a step by step guide on how to onboard your customers.

New customer

First, select the option, new customer. The next step is to fill in the name, email address of the customer, and accept the terms and conditions. After that, the following step is to fill in the height and weight of the customer.

After filling in the information, the customer will be asked to select injuries in case they have any. They can easily click on any body part, which will then zoom in. Using the sliding bar, the customer can rate their injury (no pain - light - mild - fairly severe - severe).

After indicating any type of injury, the date of birth and gender of the customer needs to be filled in. Once the customer has provided all the information, they are almost ready to start with the running analysis. The iPad will now show a ready screen, which comes in handy when you have given the iPad to the customer to fill it in by themselves when you are preparing their running shoes. Once you receive the iPad back, you easily press with two fingers on the iPad to move on with the last step of the onboarding

After receiving the iPad, it is time to select the running shoes of the customer. Scan the barcode of the shoebox and the iPad will recognize the type of running shoe. If the barcode isn't recognized, you can select the brand on the top right of the screen.

Quick start

First, select the option, quick start. The next step will, just like the new customer option, ask to fill in the name, email address of the customer, and accept the terms and conditions. After moving on to the next step, the app will ask to scan the barcode of the shoe that the customer is trying. The detailed version of the running analysis is left behind to start fast on the running analysis, which comes in handy when the store is busy.

Finished with onboarding your customers? Learn how to start a running analysis.

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