To be sure that you're using the latest software version, you may need to also update the firmware that's installed on the pods. This guide will help you do this step by step.

Step 1: Install the latest app version.

Make sure you have the latest ARION app installed from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Connect your pod(s) to the ARION charger.

Connect your pod(s) to the ARION charger and make sure they are at least 30% charged before upgrading the firmware. You can see the battery level in the ARION app.

Step 3: Pair and connect the ARION pods

Open up the ARION app, go to the Devices screen and make sure the pod(s) are paired and connected. You should do this whilst having the pods connected to the ARION charger.

Step 4: Select one pod

Tap on a pod to look at its details. If there is a software update available, you will see a blue label stating 'Update available'. Tap this to continue.

Step 5: Update the firmware

Here you can see which update version is available.

Tapping 'Update software' will start the update for this pod. Please don't interrupt this process and wait until the update is completely finished. If this process is interrupted you will see an error message, after which you need to simply restart the firmware update.

When the update is finished, the screen will show the new software version and the line 'Software is up-to-date'.

Important: Do not remove the pods from the charger or the charger from the power during this process.

Step 6: Update the other pod

Repeat the steps described in this article to also update the other pod.

All done!

Your pods are now up to date with the latest firmware.

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