With ARIONCOACH you focus on one metric at a time, to gradually rebuild your running technique (for a full list of the available running metrics please check this article). For this, you (or the coaching AI), can use coaching sessions. Here's how to set one up:

Start with a baseline session

Your first session with ARIONCOACH's coaching AI will be a baseline session. Watch the video to learn how to set up a baseline run (or follow the steps below):

Head over to the 'COACH' tab (bottom middle). Here you can start off your coaching experience by tapping 'Start'.

With this initial run of at least 5 minutes, the system will analyze your current running technique and identify any risks of injuries.

Finished with your baseline session? That's great! Let's continue with a coaching session or first check this article to learn how to analyze your run.

Coaching session

After having done your baseline session, the system will automatically suggest a certain running parameter to focus on based on your own running data and will already set recommended target zones for you to follow. Just swipe right to see all your suggested coaching sessions.

Every session is listed with a goal, to make you aware of the best parameter match according to your data.

Start a running session

Select the type of run you want to do. The next screen will show an overview of what metric you are going to focus on, the minimum duration and distance and the AI score.

Now that you have selected your next run, you need to select which shoes you are going to use in your next running session.

If there are no shoes in your closet yet, the screen will show an 'Add shoes' button which will take you to your Shoe Closet. Please note that you need to select your shoes first before you can start a run.

If you did add your shoes to the Shoe Closet, the running shoes will be visible. If there's only one pair of running shoes in your closet, it will already be pre-selected and you can simply press 'ready' to start off your run.

Note: If there are multiple shoes in your Shoe Closet you need to select one before you can press the ready button (see image below).

Make sure that your pods are in range and connected to your phone. Click on 'start now' and enjoy your run.

Coaching run finished? Let's dive into the analysis of your run.

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