When using ARIONCOACH, there are different types of running sessions you can do. This article provides a rundown of the options:

  • Coached session

  • Uncoached session

Uncoached session

The uncoached session is a quick start session that allows you to go out for a run without affecting your coaching suggestions and/or progress. You also won't receive feedback during the run. For this session, you don't need to set up anything beforehand. All the available metrics will be recorded and will be available for review afterwards. Learn how to set up a quick start session.

Coached session

The coaching sessions first start with a baseline session. The baseline session is the starting point for your training and is always the first session when using ARIONCOACH's AI coach. This run establishes your current running technique which the AI coach uses to recommend goals for your next session. Read more about this in this article.

The coaching program allows you to select your own training plan. When clicking on running fundamentals, you can select your training program. Currently, there is one training program in the app, more training programs will come soon.

When following the coaching program, you're following a program based on your technique where each session you focus on increasing specific targets. Target zones are set for every metric, but by choosing a coached session, you will receive real-time audio feedback for one metric, depending on which focus you choose. The AI score in the coaching program recommends which goal is best to follow next. The higher the AI score, the better the match.

Learn how to do a coaching session here.

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