This article will help you to pair and connect the pods to the ARIONCOACH app.

Charge your pods

To pair the ARION pods, they must hold some charge. Learn how to charge your pods here.

Connect the pods to the clips of the insoles

In this example, we will first connect the pods to the smart insoles. Watch the video below to learn how to do this (or follow the steps below):

To do this, place the ARION pod vertically over the clip and then twist it clockwise at 90 degrees. This will then turn on the pod which you can see by the LED lights, which will turn blue when they are ready to pair.

Note: The pods can also be paired directly from the ARION charger.

Go to the 'Devices' screen

Watch the video to learn how to connect the pods to your ARIONCOACH app (or follow the steps below):

After signing in with your account, tap 'Devices' to open up the Devices screen.

Enable Bluetooth

If you have Bluetooth disabled, you will see an orange pop-up asking you to enable it. Tapping this orange pop-up will lead you to your settings to turn on the Bluetooth on your phone. You need this to pair the pods to the phone.

Find and pair the ARION pods

Tap the magnifying glass icon on the bottom right to scan for the pods. The app should now find the pods. If one of the pods doesn't show up, make sure the pod is properly connected to the insole and that it is in Bluetooth range and try again.

Within a few seconds, you can see that the pods are connected. Once the pods turn blue and have the status of '2 pods paired' and 'ready to run', then the pods are successfully connected. Underneath the pods, you can see the battery level.

Note: if there are multiple pods in range, you have to tap the pods to pair them. The screen down below shows how the app recognizes multiple pods.

That's it! All that remains now is to add your running shoes to your Shoe Closet and you'll be ready to start running with ARION.

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