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The ARION product

What is ARION?

ARION helps runners improve their technique to run faster, longer and safer using smart insoles and an intelligent coaching AI. Learn more here.

For whom is ARION suitable?

ARION is suitable for runners of all performance levels and ages. However we believe it’s best suited for runners and triathletes looking to improve their technique, distance, speed or reduce their injuries.

Which metrics does ARION measure?

ARION provides a lot of running metrics to coach you on. For a full list of ARION metrics and what they mean, please check this article.

How long does the battery last?

The battery can last up to 7 hours. This does depends on your settings (such as the settings for the LED lights). 

Is ARION waterproof? 

ARION has been designed to withstand water from rain or the occasional step in a creek, but not for aqua-jogging.

How does the coaching AI work?

The adaptive coaching AI helps you to focus on one aspect of your technique and to reach your goals using real-time audio feedback. 

How future-proof is ARION?

ARION is future-proofed with electronics and sensors, which we’re able to utilize further with free software upgrades through the ARION app. This means we'll be able to release new features even after you've purchased your ARION.

What’s included in an ARION pack?

With the ARION pack you will receive two smart insoles, two footpods and an ARION charger (+ micro-USB cable). You'll be able to measure both your feet at the same time. You have the option to either order a system with or without GPS. If you'd like to run without your phone, choose the version with GPS.

The ARION app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

Can I use the insoles independently?

An ARION insole needs to be connected to an ARION footpod in order to record any data. An ARION pack includes both insoles and footpods, but additional insoles can also be purchased (for example to use in different pairs of shoes). ARION footpods and insoles are all interchangeable.

How long will the insoles last?

The sensors will last at least as long as the running shoe itself. The micro-fiber cover material could show signs of wear and tear, however the actual measurements of the insole sensors are not affected. The insoles are under warranty for 1.000 km or 1 year in case they are no longer functional.

How should I clean the insoles?

Use a damp cloth to clean the devices. Do not use harsh chemicals or detergents for cleaning purposes, nor put them in the washing machine or under abundant water. If your ARION system has been used in damp conditions, let them dry naturally in a well aired place. Do not use heating or drying equipment. 

Is there also a web dashboard available?

Yes! The ARION dashboard gives you powerful insights to keep track of your performance and running technique progress and allows you to dive deep into your running data.

Can I run without my smartphone? 

This feature is being beta tested over the summer and expected as a full release early 2021.

Do you have smartwatch compatibilities?

Not yet. We will gradually roll out apps and compatibilities. If you have a specific device you would like to see supported, please send us a feature request via

Can I join (future) beta tests?

We would be very glad to have you! If you're interested in joining the ARION beta group, please shoot us an email at

Can I export my running data?

Yes, you can export your running data to either a .gpx or a .tcx format. Learn how.

Can I access the raw pressure data? 

Only if you are one of our research partners and when you have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). If you're interested in doing research with the ARION system please send an email to and we'll see what we can do to help you.

Pricing and shipping 

How much does it cost?

Please find all the most up-to-date pricing information in our webshop.

Do you have ARION in stock?

We have limited stock available. Please refer to our online store for the most up-to-date delivery information.

Can I get one in my country?

Most likely! Simply place an order directly in our webshop. We ship to all countries listed in our checkout.

Which size should I get?

ARION smart insoles are available in 4 sizes covering EU36 to EU47+ / UK3 to UK13+. On the order page you’ll find a complete size guide for EU/UK/US shoe sizes to select the right ARION size.

When will my order ship?

Please refer to our online store for the most up-to-date shipping information. When we send out your system, you’ll receive an email including a tracking code to track your shipment.

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