With the ARION dashboard you can analyse your data in great detail, compare your running sessions, and track your progress over time. The dashboard, currently in beta, will be expanded extensively in the future with options to connect to coaches and other professionals, create interval sessions and build training programs from scratch, along with many other exciting features.

The current web dashboard already offers some neat features for you to use. You can access it here:

ARION dashboard

Please use the same login credentials as you use to log in to the app. You will find all of your existing data already there.

In this article we'll walk through the existing features to date.

Analyse your sessions in great detail

With the ARION app, only being available on a smaller screen, it can be less comfortable to sit down and review your running sessions. With the web dashboard you can use the full width and height of your screen to pick up on the smallest details in your technique.

Overlay up to four parameters

With the ARION dashboard you can overlay up to four parameters at the same time. This can give you a lot of insights into how these parameters compare and how they develop over time.

Hide or highlight parameters

In the graph you have control over the way the parameter are displayed (see image below). Use the Eye icon to toggle between hiding/unhiding a certain parameter. 

You can also use the Star icon to highlight a certain parameter and bring it to the front. This will also display the target zones that you have set for that specific parameter in the graph. 

Changing the star icon to a different parameter also changes the color in the map (see next paragraph).

Multi-colored mapping features

The dashboard features a multi-colored mapping feature to understand what has happened where. If you like you can toggle to full-screen to get more room to pan and zoom. 

This map features the route that you've taken, the different splits, your position at the selected time frame, and, shown by the different colors, your target zone results. The different colors mean the same thing as in the app:

  • Blue color: Below your target zone

  • Green color: Inside of your target zone

  • Orange color: Above your target zone

You can change the parameter of the colors in the map by selecting the Star icon of a different parameter in the graph below.

Play your sessions

Another neat feature that is only available in the dashboard is the ability to play back your sessions. For this you can use the Play icon underneath the graph. Furthermore you have the option to either slow down the playback (down to 0.5x the actual speed) or speed it up (up to 16x the actual speed). 

Technique progress

With the ARION dashboard it's easy to keep track of your progress over time. It features a progress graph in the dashboard tab which will become more and more interesting as you log more data:

In this graph you have full control over what you see. You can toggle between parameters (and the associated target zones set over time) and the period (most recent, weekly, monthly, or yearly). This way you can quickly see your results compared to your last run, or compared to your results from a longer time ago to see your improvements.

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