When using ARION there are different types of running sessions you can do. This article provides a rundown of the options:

  • Sessions without the ARION wearable 

  • Quick start session

  • Baseline session

  • Technique session

  • Sessions without a phone (coming soon)

Sessions without the ARION wearable

Even if you haven't bought an ARION system yet, you can still download the free ARION app from the App store or Google Play to play around with, and even do running sessions, including real-time audio feedback for the basic metrics we can provide to you without using the hardware.

The metrics that are available to you without any hardware are pace (or speed), distance, duration, altitude, and mapping.

The metrics that are only available with the hardware are footstrike, cadence, step length, balance, stability, contact time, flight time, impulse, and heart rate

Check this article for a full list of the available parameters and their explanations. 

Quick start session

The quick start session is the most simply session you can do. For this you don't need to set anything up beforehand. Simply tap 'QUICK START' in the dashboard of the app and you're off. All the available metrics will be recorded and will be available for review afterwards.

Baseline session

The baseline session is the starting point for your training, and is always the first session when using ARION's AI coach. This run establishes your current running technique which the AI coach uses to recommend goals for your next session. Read more about this in this article.

Technique session

The technique sessions are focused on one metric. Target zones are set for this metric, on which you will receive real-time feedback during the run. When using ARION's AI coach, these target zone suggestions are generated automatically based on your own data. Alternatively, set up your own technique sessions and tweak the target zones the way you want. Read more about this in here.

Sessions without a phone (coming soon) 

Our 'Run without your phone' feature is just around the corner! Leave your smartphone at home and still keep track of your data. You'll be able to sync your run back to your phone when you're finished, and review in the same detail.

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