ARION is a next-generation wearable that helps runners improve their technique to run faster, longer and safer. 

It consists of pressure-sensitive insoles that measure the direct interaction between your feet and the ground, alongside advanced footpods that include GPS sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes to paint a complete and detailed picture of your running technique.

What can you do with ARION? 

With ARION you can:

  • Measure your run without you noticing the hardware

  • Analyze your running technique in great detail

  • Receive real-time coaching advice to improve your running technique

  • Receive training suggestions based on your own data

  • Stay safe at night with customizable LEDs

  • Run in the rain or through puddles

  • Connect to coaches and other professionals for expert advice (coming soon)

  • Leave your phone at home thanks to on-board memory and GPS (coming soon)

Who uses ARION?

ARION can add a lot of value for runners of all different levels: 

  • Recreational runners that want to learn how to run without injuries using ARION's coaching AI 

  • Experienced runners that want to take control of their own running training

  • (Semi)-professional runners/triathletes who want to shave a few seconds off their marathon time

Additionally, ARION can be a very useful tool for coaches, nutritionists, podiatrists, and other experts. 

What does it cost and how do I get one?

ARION can be purchased directly in our webshop at Visit our webshop to find the most up-to-date prices. When ordering an ARION system you have the option to either purchase an ARION with on-board GPS, or one without on-board GPS.  If you'd like to run without your phone, choose the version with on-board GPS.

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