On certain Android devices, the ARION app is sometimes stopped, or has no or bad GPS reception. After extensive research we have found that Android sometimes tries to (aggressively) save battery-life. Which can lead to the ARION app to be killed and GPS to not record properly. This article will help you to:

  • Prevent Android from killing the ARION App

  • Keep GPS at full power for accurate speed/distance measurements

Some phones and brands seem affected more than others. Brands which have been reported to have issues are Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei, but other brands may also be affected. If you see problems on your Android phone, please try the following solutions to fix the problems.

Things to try first

  • Restart your phone

  • Turn the Location switch off and back on again

  • Make sure you have the latest Android updates installed on your phone

  • Make sure you have the latest version of ARION Run installed

Disable battery monitoring/optimisation for the ARION app

By disabling battery monitoring/optimisation for the ARION app, you tell Android that it should never kill the app while you are running. It will also affect how much GPS power may be used (higher typically means more accurate location/speed results).

Settings > Battery/Power > Battery optimisation > All apps > Arion > Don't optimise

When you have a Samsung phone, you can do this by adding the Arion app to the list of Unmonitored Apps.

Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored Apps > Add apps > Arion

Check that your Location settings are set to High Accuracy

Verify that Location tracking is turned On and set to High Accuracy. On most phones you can find this option at:

Settings > Location > Mode > High Accuracy

Disable max/extreme/ultra power saving mode (Samsung)

This option is applicable on certain Android phones, most notably from Samsung.
It greatly reduces GPS accuracy and is advised to turn this off.

Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Power saving mode > Choose Off/Mid

On other Samsung devices, this option is often called Extreme or Ultra power savings mode, and can be found here:

Settings > Battery/Power > Extreme/Ultra power savings mode > Turn off

Lock the ARION app on the recents/overview screen (OnePlus)

This option is available only on certain Android devices, from Android 7 and up. It has shown to fix issues most notably on OnePlus phones.

Turn off "Close excessively power-intensive apps" mode (Huawei)

Huewei phones contain a unique feature that will kill power intensive apps to preserve battery life. Make sure this option is disabled on your phone.

Settings > Battery > Close excessively power-intensive apps > Turn off

Still not working, disable the Power/battery saver completely

This option looks different on various phones. Disabling this option may drain your battery more quickly. It is therefore advised to only disable the power/battery saver during your run.

Settings > Battery/Power > Battery/power saver > Turn off

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